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4 Easy Warm ups for Perfect Piano Practice

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1 The Round Hand shape – Every time!

Place your hand over your knee cap

Gently lift your hand off your knee. Keep that hand shape mind!

Place your hand on the keys…

Hey Presto! A Perfect hand shape – every time!

2 The Relaxed Wrist – Keep it flexible!

Place your hand on the keys in the round hand shape

Imagine your wrist is being pulled up gently up by a balloon…

Let the string of the balloon lift your hand up until you are on your middle finger tip. . .

Now let your hand return to your perfect hand shape touching the keys

Try this with each hand

Can you try both hands together?

3 Light Hand Bounce – Can you tap like a Woodpecker?

Put your right hand on the keys in a round hand shape

Make sure your wrist does not sag by perching on your thumb

Lightly tap this rhythm with your fingertips:

Tap, tap, tapping you will see. I am a woodpecker in my tree!

Repeat with your left hand. How about both hands together?

4 Finger Independence – Can each finger move by itself?

On the closed piano lid, play the following finger pattern:

whisper: 1 2 3 4 5 3 1

Try it with your right hand, left hand, how about both hands together